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Wooden Moulings

Wooden Moulings

Manufacturers of Skirtings, architraves and kickblocks

Adding mouldings to your home’s interiors is a relatively affordable way of adding interest and beauty to the décor.

Mouldings will enhance any room space - they will add warmth and character to a space, and really finish it off

Even though we manufacture windows and doors to industry standard sizes, we  specialize in purpose made sizes and designs in accordance with your Architects window and door schedules.


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Hints for Storage and Treatment

  • Always ensure that product is stored level on a flat surface (on timber strips) and never standing up against walls etc.
  • Treat the product with an oil based product on receipt and before installation, take care to cover all exposed sides properly. Repeat this process at least once a month during the building process and every six months thereafter.
  • Keep all opening sections closed during the building operation.
  • Support lintels should be built in above all windows and doors as frames are not designed to carry any weight.
  • Ensure that water-proofing membrane is properly installed between the product frame and the brickwork/floor.
  • Product should be oil sealed if trimmed before hanging/installation.
  • Do not hang doors when plaster or paint is wet.